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There's Bloodstain for Your Pain
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Kestrel Lynn DuPont's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
2:13 pm
* Answers still hidden...
I have been in this small village of Vaseria for a handful of days now, and yet the answers my questions seek still go unanswered.
This place has an uneasy forest, and even the town throbs with fear... I have never been so smothered by such an atmosphere. I believe I have finally found the home of my answers, but to pull them from those who hold them will be quite harder than first expected.
For the first time in all of my travels I have come across a pack of vampires, not just loners as myself. That alone intrigues me, but what does it mean? Is it merely how they do things in this old country instead of wandering alone as in the others? Oh I don't know... my mind grows weak as I need to feed and everything blurrs beyond comprehension at times like this.

Current Mood: thirsty
Friday, November 12th, 2004
1:10 pm
Vampires of our time... oh how sad it is
You "vampires", you "Children of the Night" oh how you make me laugh and roll upon the ground in hysterics until tears fall down my cheeks. How you have me in such stitches and tear filled giggles!
You think you are so powerful, so wonderful and magnificent?! Ha! Oh how you wish you were. You could only wish... You claim the title 'Vampire' and therefore you think the world is yours for the taking, there to ravish for yourselves, there to bleed dry with your fangs. How impotent you all are! Your "fangs" nothing more than shriveled manhood hanging between the legs, and not even the most beautiful can quicken you! So therefore you hide behind your white make up, your black dyed hair, your silk clothes and night dusters as you walk the streets, putting on an act to regain your dignity, to attract attention, to have the blood flow back to stiffen you once more. My sides hurt from such thoughts, my breasts heave and my lungs beneath ache in such laughter. Fools, fools!
You think these appearances make you worthy?! Attending your goth clubs and brooding in the corners, waisting your night away upon the hope of that beautiful woman over there will find you interesting and you can dazzle her with your vampiric charm and demonic eyes which cost you two hundred dollars. You believe drinking the average Joe's blood in the closet of a Goth club will make you seem oh so mysterious and evil! To leave your signature upon the necks of many will make you infamous upon the lips of all. If you knew what true evil was you would pray to your God that such horrible and viotile images be forever erased from your memories.
You all follow each other, all believing your common beliefs are the right ones. Leading your little clan of Hot Topic consumers and "punk" music fans by their twenty dollar spiked dog collars and thirty dollar leashes! The blind following the blind, I tell you! Go back to your Sunnydale, your Buffy!
And those for you who "sire", how I pray truth finds your followers. You are not teachers, you do not deserve to lead! You do not know the meaning of taking the responsibility of someone else upon yourself, into your hands, molding them and making them into your kin. Once consequences come from your own little rules of the coven, then we shall see who still stands and leads. Once Betty has AIDs and has passed it onto your other clan member who participated in a blood letting with your girlfriend last week before you slept with her without protection, then we will see who is so high and mighty, and who will be strong for your followers. Their eyes which beg you for answers, large and wide, tear filled, agony stricken, will you be able to comfort them with your "immortal powers"? No, of course you won't. I pray for the souls you "lead" and pray you do not condemn their bodies to some horrible blood disease, nor damn their souls to Satan in the pits of hell for indulging in rituals you heard about in movies that "sound cool".
So many souls lost in the darkness of pathetic illusion already.
You cannot enlighten others when you are not enlightened yourself. You preach your Anne Rice and your Bram Stoker, your spiked jewelry and press on fangs (or filed down for that matter!) and where does it get you? Where?!
Personally I have only crossed paths with one who is worthy of such teaching, and another who could be if he so chose.

Oh, I say I did and always searching, you can't fuck with me.
So instead you'll taste my pain." ~ Redeemer

Current Mood: unimpressed
12:59 pm
Not just for VHRPG anymore
I needed the room to post my work, whether it be poetry, fiction, or rants. If you're from the VHRPG then look for a * in the title and that will be a post for the game.
Monday, October 18th, 2004
12:02 pm
Sketch of Kestrel Lynn DuPont after she was turned

I was eighteen when this picture was sketched of me. Yet, I am forever eighteen. Am I not?
I have this blood running through me which is yearning for accompaniment. My veins are constricting so tightly beneath my skin, thirsty, craving to be filled. My mouth waters every time a human passes by, and my stomach knots with hunger.
The pain is indescribable, and the new voice telling me to give in and indulge is growing stronger by the day.
As I scrawl my words upon this page, my white porcelin hand shakes and my words become curves, almost illegable to any other eyes but my own.
Oh how I need to drink. The dizzy spells of hunger and fasting from the life of others are getting horribly long and sickening. My powers given to me from this damned curse are depleating, yet so are the common senses.
If I am to continue my journey to find the prince of darkness, then I must feed and stay strong, especially when I come face to face with him. The stories of him and my kind are becomming thicker among the people as my travel continues. I must be getting close.
The blood of small creatures barely sustains me for a few hours, and it is still hard to take the life of the elderly and sick. Their blood leaves my mouth sour.
I know what I must do, but I am afraid. Not because I doubt my abilities, but because when I have the man or woman in my grasp and sink my teeth into their soft flesh, pouring forth their rich blood in a warm ruby gush... I enjoy it.

Current Mood: sick
Sunday, October 17th, 2004
9:11 pm
About and Disclaimer
Ok... never done one of these so far, so stay with me.
I am not Kestrel Lynn DuPont, yet she is a character I have created. Her name is similar to my pen name, because I love the name ;)
I do not associate with anyone who created Van Helsing (even though it would be nice if I did) nor do I know anyone, nor own anything related to the movie.
This is a journal for my character Kestrel at http://www.livejournal.com/community/van_helsingrpg/
So.. yeah... there we go.
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